Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sweet Words of the Beast

"Great and miraculous things happen when people come together with an intention to create hope and opportunity."

— Oprah

Friends, how we are fooled by language. Oprah uses these words to inspire and convert, and who wouldn't say, "wow, that sure sounds good. I could use some miracles in my miserable life." ?

But what does Oprah mean when she says things like this? What is "great and miraculous" to an agent of evil? Your deception. What people must "come together"? The followers of Oprah. What "hope and opportunity" does Oprah speak of? Only her own, to blind you into following her lies. Friends, this Pied Piper will only lead you to destruction.

Don't let the sweet words of the beast seduce you; you will have no excuse in the end, because she is saying EXACTLY what she means. It is you who are allowing yourself to be fooled. If you continue on this path of Oprah worship, you may want to create a bookmark here. You may need it.

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