Monday, June 13, 2011

Bring Her Back!

Wait. What did we just say? That's right, you heard us.

As we've mentioned before, our funds have been scarce ever since Oprah Antichrist Winfrey announced that this season would be the last for her show. Never mind that her minion Dr. Oz is taking her place or that she now has an entire network for spreading her filth. No, people saw that it was the "Farewell Season" and figured that was that. (I suppose you believed in Cher's Farewell Tour, too?)

Well, the last episode aired on May 25th, and now donations have dribbled down to nothing. We're having to work overtime at the adult bookstore (and we're starting to get suspicious that it may be more than just a store that sells highbrow literature for adults).

It seems to only way to make people realize what a true danger the Antichrist poses is to keep her on the air. That's why we're asking folks to sign the following:

Petition to Bring Back the Oprah Winfrey Show So We Can Take It off the Air Again

To: Television

We the undersigned ask that you bring Oprah Winfrey, Antichrist, with all of her makeovers and free car giveaways and bogus health advice, back to her usual time slot, so that the world might know true evil once again and make with the love offerings.


OprahTruth Ministries and Friends

Use the comment field to sign, and pass this along to your Godly friends! And spread the news on Twitter!