Monday, November 5, 2007

Oprah: In League with Osama?

Here's an insightful article on How Oprah Ruined the Marathon. Why does this matter to us? Because it's not just about running--Oprah is destroying America's spirit of competition, the cornerstone of capitalism. God has a special plan for this nation, provided we continue to adhere to the Christian values laid out by our forefathers. Let's not let Oprah lead us astray. Don't just settle for dragging your sorry behind over the finish line--Jesus likes winners!


The Voice said...

She is not in league with Osama, she is in league with a much darker force, Barack Hussein Obama!

Fuckyouamerica said...

It saddens me that America is so full of ignorant cunts like all of you. Open your damn eyes, respect others' beliefs. Oh well, your own nation to fuck up. Please continue killing each other, do us all a favour.

Anonymous said...

"Jesus likes winners"?What does that mean?Isn't he supposed to LOVE (not just like) everyone?And what does Capitalism have to do with God, at all?You rednecks do not even try anymore; you use the bible and Jesus to shamelessly push your political agenda and don't even try to disguise it. Jesus is NOT a member of the National Republican Committee, he was not and is not into politics and if anything, he was a socialist, not a bigot from the American south.