Friday, June 26, 2009


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Here's where we answer more questions from dedicated readers!

Anonymous: Okay, this is just ridiculous. Don't you people have anything better to do? For one thing God makes it VERY clear that we cannot judge the hearts of man, only He can... If you don't know that maybe you should open it up and stop using Gods word to hurt others and take it in to your own life and use it to pin point your own hearts. This is upsetting that you are doing this to someone.. I do not agree with these tactics and what a poor example of the true love of God... If you don't agree with her fine.. you don't have to that's free choice that God gives us but I would bet to say that someone who is focusing so much of their attention on Oprah needs to maybe look inside and deal with their own life and maybe focus on things that really matter. You don't like the tv show? TURN IT OFF!!! I do not watch Oprah myself but I do not agree with the tactics you are using... I know deep down that you feel you are in the right.. but if we go by our feelings then we are led astray (that's in the Bible as well) Thats a HUGE accusation to put on someone and its loveless. If you truly have come into contact with the true living God - then why are you not on your knees and praying for the better for others and God's will to prosper? This is a huge mockery on what God really is and once again shows how man-made religion strips the worlds view of a God that is truly loving and merciful... its no wonder so many people are turned off by chrisitanity.. look at how we act! look at how we treat others! this is an ache for the ones out there who truly do care about others no matter what background they come from and what they choose.. remember how much God loved and still loves you in all your mistakes and human errors and how patient He is with you in all your ways? I agree with one blogger: I would say that this is being operated out of fear and remember: "Fear is not of God"

Dear Anonymous,
I'm sorry--who doesn't have anything better to do?

Anonymous: There is no such thing as Antichrist.
That you don't like Oprah is another issue by itself.

Dear Anonymous,
"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist."
Soze 19:94

Anonymous: What a load of nonsense. I too am a Christian and what you are writing is not Christlike behaviour at all. You are tarnishing someones reputationn without any evidence at all, which is no better that a witch hunt of old. If you say you are Christian , beware of what you are doing to others. Christian paranio is the worst kind of beligerence.

Dear Anonymous,
If you know anything about those witch hunts, then you know how effective they were. The Puritans certainly would have known better than to dress innocent children up like instruments of Satan and send them to Barnes & Noble for a Harry Potter book release party! As to whether or not you're a true Christian, let's just hope for your sake that the Lord Jesus doesn't give spelling tests in Heaven!

Kasey Wagner: Hey, Susie! This is Kasey (Victoria's daughter). I can't decide which I like more - your blog or the comments left by the poor people who don't get it!

Dear Kasey,
I'm sure I have no idea what you mean. I pray that the Lord will expel the demons inside you.

Until next time!

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