Friday, September 12, 2008

EA Spreads the Message of the Beast

First of all, let's give an amen to our sister in Christ at, for bravely critiquing the secular world's latest attempt at brainwashing young minds (in the face of death threats from Satan himself).

EA Games has recently come out with Spore, video game that asks the blasphemous question, "How will you create the universe?" and encourages players to guide creatures through "five stages of evolution." Just listen to this poor confused girl as she falls for their anti-Creationist propaganda (at least they have the decency to note its unsuitability for children):

You may ask, why is it important if some people choose to believe in evolution? Don't some Christians even believe in it? Isn't it possible that evolution just describes how God created the universe? Maybe those six days aren't literal days.

Well, that's exactly what Oprah wants you to think. Why? Because once we stop taking one part of the Bible literally, what's to stop us from writing off the whole thing? Maybe Balaam's talking donkey is just a metaphor, too. Or Elisha and the bears. And that whole, "Thou shalt not kill" thing? Just a suggestion.

Just look at this description of an incident on Oprah's show, courtesy of our friends at Answers in Genesis:

Oprah Winfrey, TV talk show hostess, asked her audience why homosexuals should not be allowed to marry one another. One man said something to the effect that 'it wasn't natural'. A woman then rose and gave her lengthy opinion which boiled down to: 'I just don't think it's right!' Most people, however, gave comments like, 'If they want to, what difference does it make?' or, 'Who's to say that it's wrong?'

Then Oprah came to one man who said (à la Ken Ham), 'If God had wanted man to marry man, He would have created Adam and Steve, not Adam and Eve!' Most people in the audience booed, and Oprah responded incredulously, 'You don't believe that do you?' The man, apparently intimidated, shrugged his shoulders and never carried his reasoning any further. In doing so he missed a great opportunity to promote the creation message on national television.

Actually, the thought underlying this man's statement is the only legitimate reason why homosexual practices are wrong. When there is any question concerning morality, one needs to see who declared something to be wrong in the first place. In effect, this Bible-believer was claiming that the absolute authority on homosexuality was the Bible — in this particular case Genesis. The reasoning goes: If God laid down the rule, then that settles the argument once and for all. But if man made the rule, then man has the prerogative to change it.

Once we stop believing in the Bible as the literal word of God, Oprah--and the Steves of the world--take over!

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