Friday, September 12, 2008

Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Satire?

Well, friends, this whole Anti-Spore hoax has really thrown us for a loop. Not only do these people mock our faith, they gloat about those of us who actually believed they were on the side of truth.

So now we're looking hard at some of our favorite sites, to make sure we're not being taken in again. The main giveaway as to whether something is satire or not seems to be that they either take things to an extreme or present things that clearly contradict their supposed "message." Landover Baptist, for example appears at first glance to be an ordinary church website (and in fact we've been sending them donations for years), but upon closer inspection, we have noticed that their gift shop sells T-shirts that say "Witch" and "Infidel." Who would even wear such a thing? And we're going to have to stop forwarding our cousins this so-called "news item" from The Onion about the dangers of Harry Potter. Although everything they say is spot-on in our opinion, it turns out they mean it "ironically." The sick minds behind Jack Chick tracts are particularly sneaky. It's a somewhat clever parody, if you don't read carefully, but do they really expect us to believe that this nonsense is for real? Nice try, Jack (if that is your real name!).

There are still a few sources we can trust, though, like Objective: Ministries and the righteous Fred Phelps. But we've also been wondering, to paraphrase Larry Norman, why should the devil have all the good satire? We've decided to fight back with a joke blog of our own:

Atheism is Awesome!

We think it'll wipe some smug grins off some faces. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I think you should be very careful about engaging in satire. Satire is a form of deception, and as such is inherently of Satan, the Father of Lies. This is the reason that Atheists are so fond of it. In fact, the word "satire" itself was coined in the 16th century as a portmanteau of the words "Satan" and "ire", since it is designed by Satan to raise the ire of people, making them more receptive to his message of hate. A Christian should strive to be forthright in declaring his views, not hiding behind a satanic deception.

ktburgess said...

Wait, any moron knows that's not where the word "satire" comes from--oh, I get it! You're doing satire, too! Ha-ha, good one!

Anonymous said...

Here's some good satire of Jack Chick. It's "Hot Chicks" and it's nine short films based on actual Chick Tracts. You can find them over at "Bewitched", "Somebody Goofed", "Wounded Children" all the classics!

Anonymous said...

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