Thursday, September 17, 2009

The ABCs of the PC

While our new LibraryTruth Project is primarily dedicated to fighting the secular/New Age influence of Oprah's Book Club, we stand against all forms of brainwashing carried out in the name of "education." And today I want to talk about an issue that we feel especially strong about.

Do this right now: Go and take a look at your child's world history textbook. Now, if your child is home-schooled or attends Christian private school, that textbook begins in the logical place, with the Garden of Eden. If, however, God has not blessed you with enough money for private education (and if this is the case, you should pray to the Lord now about what you have done to displease Him), your child is being taught something very different.

Do you notice these three letters--"B.C.E."--anywhere? It stands for "Before the Common Era," and it's just one more way that liberals have found of taking God out of our schools. Apparently it's so painful for them to think about our Lord Jesus Christ that they can no longer bring themselves to say "B.C."

How can we fight back? We at the LibraryTruth Project suggest writing to your local school board and telling them that you won't stand for seeing Jesus erased from history. And just for good measure, let's go one better than "Before Christ"--let's be specific about who the Christ, the Messiah is. We'll call those 4,000 years of history "Before Jesus." Make your voices heard! Tell the liberals in charge that you don't want to look in your child's publicly-funded textbooks and see a B.C.E. after every important date. And tell them you won't settle for a B.C. either. Demand a B.J. today!


Anonymous said...

I agree completely. We are overun with liberla brainwashing in education. Like why do we use *Arabic* numerals?!?

Anonymous said...

ok i want to know if this site is real or a joke. at first i thought joke, then real, but when i just read "demand a bj today' it put me back on the joke side. what's the deal?

damian said...

for real... is this shit for real? do you actually believe oprah is the antichrist? or is the just some joke blog about christians?
you gotta tell me.

Anonymous said...

Ok I'm a Christian. A SOUTHERN BAPTIST CONSERVATIVE Christ follower. I just want to let y'all(whoever runs this site) know, although you're entitled to your beliefs, God calls us to not be of this world and not throw pearls to swine. Chastising non believers into following Christ is not what we are called to do. I hope you think this over and realize that what you're doing is making Christians look crazy. This website only gives people more ammunition against the Christian faith as if there isn't enough persecution already.