Sunday, September 13, 2009

WE Believe That JESUS Is Our Future!

Oprah's 24th season kicks off tomorrow, September 14th, and what does she have planned? Glorifying crackheads, of course. So now our kids can spend all day at school learning socialism from Obama, then come home in time for Oprah's pro-drug, pro-celebrity worship, anti-Jesus hour.

We plan to spend tomorrow praying for America, from the fallout shelter beneath OprahTruth headquarters. If you care about what the antichrist is doing to this great nation, won't you pray along with us?

Father God,

We are under attack.
Our senses are tempted by book club page-turners and Rachel Ray's goodies.
We are told that Dr. Oz can heal our bodies and Dr. Phil our minds--
but what about our souls?
Protect us, O Lord, from the lies of the antichrist!
Protect us from Oprah and her servant Obama!
We don't need her "favorite things" or other earthly treasures, only Heavenly treasures!

We pray in Jesus' name,


Please forward this prayer to all your Christian friends!!!


Anonymous said...

OBAMA is the one,but she is a follower

Anonymous said...

opra is the woman that sits on the scarlet colored 7 headed ugly beast that revelation scriptures talks about and against. She is a whore and a great leader of the lesbian evil wicked forces and the most dangerous woman of all history much worse than jezebel. actually she is jezebel reincarnated. because every time I look at the woman on that beast I see opra's face. she has the worlds most largest church full of suckers who believes all her stupid lies and deceiving them to go to hell right with her. She is the pastor of this ugly church filled with fouls spirits like her and many who love her lies will be in hell right with her. It's best to throw out all her pictures from your homes wherever they lay and don't pick them back up again at any stores anymore. If you go shopping and happen to see her magazines leave them right at the store and let her followers buy them who cannot return back to God anymore for leaving Him to believe all her lies and obama's lies and the other ones working with them in that nasty church that opra started back a few odd years ago. I saw her in hell burning with sharp teeth of an animal herself. Those who love opra's shows I feel very sorry for all of you. You all know what? Think again. She is the antichrist and obama is the false messiah a false prophet himsel and the clinton man who was president of this country we all live in just actually said that he is Satan the devil himself. I have been searching the internet to find out all the deep hidden truths about them and I came to the final conclusion about them. The antichrist is already here and will set up it's kingdom for all those to get the microchip in their right hand or forehead. This is all true to me what the pastor said on the talk show over the internet.